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I've been hanging around on here for a while without realising that this section of the forum exists! I'm aroace to be specific, though I do relate more to aro than ace just by being romance-repulsed more than sex repulsed. I do sometimes wonder whether I edge into the grey-ace area. I don't mind sex, I just can't be bothered with all the hassle of all the lead up and just want to "get it done", but apparently that isn't romantic according to others... I also have been accused of being very textbook scientifically crude about it and have since been told I'm totally missing the point on it!! Anyway, that is definitely splitting hairs so just say ace at least at present. 

I'm from the Wirral, which is between Liverpool and Chester (it's a peninsula and so we have lots of beach to dog walk on). Of course, I have my dog who is my life, and has upset previous romantic partners previously who have accused me of "being more romantic towards my dog", I don't understand what their point is if I'm honest!!

I organise a Liverpool a-spec social group. 

Otherwise I'm sport obsessed (don't expect my attention during the upcoming rugby world cup!) 

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Welcome! :) Here's some aro ice cream as a (belated) welcome gift: :aroicecream:


Very relateable on that textbook scientific outlook - I'm much the same. Also, dogs > romantic love, always haha. I'm also very excited about the Liverpool a-spec group; more of us popping up and organizing around the world is excellent.

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