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One word story


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Spud is fabulous! But DeMorgan eats green potatoes. Hypothetically, DeMorgan can insert lots of Dalek plungers which suck drains like your grandmother's vacuum cleaner that eats tangled octopi now because Spud is can't digest another potato cake without vomitting. However, DeMorgan said "Louis devours plenty of ice lollies and Fritz salivates over fried ice-cream cake and Spud avoids any wrinkly old potatoes." Consequently, a ridiculous quantity of spiky pineapples had fallen from the magical cloud of destiny. Miraculously, spud keeps some emergency pocket knives in ase Zemadogg pounces pawtatoes on Fridays. Louis beautifully displays all of the large trains at his helipad which has eleventy-one whimsical crayfish standing atop many floating disks. What fun they had in Copenhagen. Meanwhile in Antarctica, scientists wrestle with sea-lions to try and discover why they stay around in porridge mixed with wild flowers and artificial colours. Dodgypotato didn't want all things to change or be catastrophically worn away by the flow of time-space and ridiculous amounts of mercury, so they sang with all the crazy people and gave rainbow muffins icing. Coughing lemurs eat fermenting pineapples frenzy. Whenever carrots suspiciously peel potatoes Zemaddog tries to extinguish hope. Returning from public toilets brings many thoughts like why do shits cling to plastic? Many papoes have a stupendously short stature because surprisingly they were suspiciously killing all the tall midgets. Palau endeavours will remarkably restore all order to global bureaucracy once the deposits of my business venture in Chile. Queasy rectangular aliens infiltrated my quiche to desecrate the sacred rumps and Betelgeuse's drawer. Suddenly, pineapples. In other news, camels lost to Bogans appeared distraught that plants could overwhelm the


If you want to record a voicing of this story why not now?

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