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I Guess I've Wandered In Here....

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I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Em, and I identify as strictly female. I was introduced to the LGBTQ+ community about a year ago now. I have multiple friends who identify as gay, pan, bi, or even a few who are ace. I always thought of myself as straight and I was just a late bloomer. However, as years go by without be feeling any attraction to anyone and doing a bit of research, I've began to suspect myself as Ace/Aro. While I'm not sure if this, and I'm not especially happy with it, I am slowly coming to terms with the idea.


So then why am I here?


I was watching a video on YouTube (we won't say which one -_-) about coming out as ace. The more and more they talked about their experiences, I realized I understood. Because stuff like that happens to me. So I went down in the description and found the links to AVEN and another site. Needless to say, I quickly did a couple of searches for stuff like "Am I Ace/Aro?" and found a link to a topic in here. I browsed here for a bit before really wanting to dive in. Soooooo here I am. 


 I am not sure whether I am Ace or Aro. But I'm here. If you want to talk, go ahead. I don't bite.

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Welcome, Em. :) I'm happy you've found a forum resource that might help you figure everything out. We're excited to have another [potential] aro here!

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