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Am I really aromantic?


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Ok.... So I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to mangas or movies i endlessly support the shipped characters I also have my own ships that I've come up with. I love all the cheesy romantic stuff but if anyone in my school is together I get sick to my stomach (same thing when anyone asks me out). I love talking about crushes with my friends but I've never had a crush. I understand things like valentines day and I love it (unlike other aro and aces) but I don't like to participate. So I can't ever seem to relate with other aros or aces when it comes to the romance that doesn't involve us. I can't even begin to understand having a crush no matter how many times my friends try to explain and I don't really care. I love cheering on couples in books and movies and shows and very rarely in school but I want absolutely no part in a relationship myself it seems very uncomfortable for aroaces to feel like this and I'm beginning to question my romanticism. So it would help if anyone could offer any words if wisdom of if there is anyone like me.

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It definitely sounds to me like you're aromantic. What you like in fiction or even in real life when it doesn't involve you doesn't define your orientation; only what you feel yourself.

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