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  1. Ok sorry I can see what your getting at I'll be more careful. I didn't mean to push bri53 into any romantic orientation. I hope I at least offered some feedback.
  2. Honestly I always just think about life. Before falling asleep I stay awake questioning everything so I understand you and it took me a while to find a sexuality I was comfortable with (ace and aro) I thought I was lithromantic, bi, demi, heteroflexible, etc. Also *in satanic voice* LOVE IS A LIE!! (or at least romantic love to me)
  3. Thanks that's how I've felt I've just been questioning it a little
  4. Ok.... So I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to mangas or movies i endlessly support the shipped characters I also have my own ships that I've come up with. I love all the cheesy romantic stuff but if anyone in my school is together I get sick to my stomach (same thing when anyone asks me out). I love talking about crushes with my friends but I've never had a crush. I understand things like valentines day and I love it (unlike other aro and aces) but I don't like to participate. So I can't ever seem to relate with other aros or aces when it comes to the romance that doesn't involve us. I can't even begin to understand having a crush no matter how many times my friends try to explain and I don't really care. I love cheering on couples in books and movies and shows and very rarely in school but I want absolutely no part in a relationship myself it seems very uncomfortable for aroaces to feel like this and I'm beginning to question my romanticism. So it would help if anyone could offer any words if wisdom of if there is anyone like me.
  5. I'm probably not someone who can help but I have some questions if you can answer them. Was the relationship between you experimenting? Was it a straight relationship? What's your sexuality?(or are you not sure) My best guess is that you to were together only cause you were sexually attracted to each other and neither of you wanted a commitment so it was platonic with sexual means sounds like you were in one of those experimenting relationships.
  6. I usually don't care to much about romance and I do get crushes but its really rare, tbh romance when it involves me makes me uncomfortable but the weird thing is that I love the romance in mangas and sometimes mangas I probably obsess over it too much.
  7. When I was really young maybe 10 or 11 my friends would always talk about crushes and squeal and giggles I just didn't understand it and I would look for a crush so I could understand and talk more with my friends (they were guys that looked "cute") but I never understood wanting to talk with them or spying on them. Then in middle school in 7th or 8th grade my friend (who's big and very well informed with the lgtbq+) was telling me about a guy she talked to Im not sure if I've even had a crush and I couldn't understand how these "fuzzy feelings" work I spent the whole day trying to imagine liking someone that you know as a person or liking someone at all. She explained to me what being aromantic was and well here I am.
  8. I like it when someone calls me cute or pretty but that's just when one of my friends say it, when its a guy it does make me feel awkward. I'm ace and aro but most of my friends and family still think its a phase so Ive been in positions like that.
  9. All my friends don't believe that being aromantic and asexual isn't real they think its "just a phase". They say that I'll like someone romantically one day I just "haven't found the right person". What some people don't get is that this "phase" is something some people stay with forever.
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