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hi y'all


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hi everyone, I have absolutely zero idea how people normally write these things or what I'm expected to say but here goes

my name is Ren (real life human name) or glitch, either's fine, I'm trans and nonbinary (they/them or he/him), autistic, and definitely aro, probably grey-ace. i've on and off identified as aro for the past five years and keep getting scared of the consequences and trying to suppress it, but i think i'm not going to try to do that anymore. all my friends are queer, but most of them have romantic feelings or date people, and it's deeply alienating and upsetting to me to have like 90% of the people around me be doing that when i can't connect with it at all. hoping being on here will help with that? 

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Welcome! I'm really happy to hear that you're trying this out in an effort to better understand and accept yourself. Many of us have been where you are. Have some aro ice cream for your troubles - :aroicecream: - and come hang out in this lovely community. :)

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