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ace dating an aro?

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I have been identifying as an asexual for 6 months and my boyfriend of 8 months recently told me he feels like he's aromantic. It makes a lot of sense because he always seemed like he didn't feel that type of attraction, only sexual attraction and loving me as a friend. We do love each other, we just feared that our relationship would be too complicated because of his aromanticism and my asexuality, so we recently broke up, however we didn't want to give up our friendship so we are going to continue being friends. I am really regretting breaking up though, and wondering if we should give it another shot. What should I do? Should I talk to him and we can mutually decide if we want to give things another try? Or should we just get over it and stay as friends? Please help :(

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I think you can try a QPR, but not a romantic relationship. If he doesn't feel romantic attraction it would not make sense.  But you can still discuss of a type of relationship which is not friendship but isn't romantic either.

At least that's how I see it.

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