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Greetings (What even is Romance)


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Hey I’m Miles and I have no idea what my romantic orientation is but I’m pretty dang sure I’m not allo and I don’t know what this means for like myself and wanting to form deep connections in my life. 


If anyone has any words of wisdom or some of their own experience they want to share that would be much appreciated.

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Hi Miles! Welcome. :) Honestly, everything you've said is incredibly relateable. You'll find a lot of our experiences around the forums, and we're honestly pretty diverse in the community. Some of us have honestly no clue what romance is supposed to be, and many of us define romance differently so it's all a big fluid confusion. There are a lot of us who still form deep connections in our lives, though, through friends or family or QPRs or other types of relationships, so you'll find a lot of good advice (especially in the Aromantic Relationships section of the forums). In my experience, aros are naturally chatty so someone will inevitably come along and answer any and all questions you have!

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