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bojack horseman

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ok idk whether this has been mentioned but have you guys seen bojack horseman?  there's an ace character and the representation is really good (in my allo opinion) and i was like, nice, but then!  they said the word aromantic!  boi, i paused that real quick and screamed.  i wasn't expecting to hear that on tv in my lifetime. and they brought it up again in a later episode and it just made me so happy.  also the show has some real talk about lots of stuff, i recommend it.

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Yes, I've seen it. Love the series. Not only because of their great representation, though that's a huge plus. Because the creators proved they know how representation is done right. Not over the top or in a weird way. It feels authentic and I was impressed as they even mentioned aromantic too.
It's one of my favorite Netflix series to this date (and I bet it'll stay this way).

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yeah, i generally prefer much older tv and film (40s-70s-ish); some of my favourite sitcoms are 'i love lucy' (#1 always), 'the mary tyler moore show', and 'the bob newhart show'.  this is mainly because i find them more tasteful and genuinely funny--likewise, other genres need nothing but the talent of the writers, directors, actors, etc.--while modern media in general relies too heavily on crude humour, over-the-top effects, and other shock factor-like stuff which doesn't impress me at all.  all this to say, if a modern piece is to hold my attention, it must have something special to offer.  for instance, in 'friends': the petty drama drives me crazy and the casual bigotry far exceeds that in the decades-older shows i named, however i rewatch it because there are some really funny scenes/lines, 90% of which are chandler's.  on the other hand, 'brooklyn nine-nine' isn't the kind of thing i'd normally watch and some of the humour leaves much to be desired, but the representation of various minorities is great and i can't think of a single thing i found problematic--it's full of good people and healthy relationships, or the bad ones are purposely portrayed negatively.  'bojack horseman' was quite similar in that respect.  i probably won't watch it again but i did appreciate parts of it.

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