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Ace and Aro Suite at Creating Change 2019

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Hi everyone!


My name is Isabel, and I'm a board member and cofounder of The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project, or TAAAP (formerly The Asexual Awareness Project; we just rebranded to explicitly include aromanticism). TAAAP is cohosting the Ace and Aro Hospitality Suite at Creating Change 2019. Creating Change is a yearly gathering, and is the largest LGBTQ social rights conference, and this is the first year there will be a space devoted exclusively to ace and aro people!


I'm opening up this thread for suggestions and requests. We want to know what you would want in a space dedicated to aro and ace people. We plan on having Ace and Aro 101 handouts, as well as swag representing both spectrums. We'll be able to host some programming, and we'd love to know what topics you might want discussed and what other resources you would want available.


We want to ensure that we do not overlook the aro community, and as TAAAP was formerly asexuality focused, we welcome suggestions for ways we can be as inclusive as possible.


Feel free to write in this thread, or email us at asexualawarenessproject@gmail.com (don't worry - we're going to update that email as soon as we can).




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Thanks for the welcome! I'm glad you're answering the questionnaires for the book; when you're done, you can send them in any format, whether google doc or word doc or some other form, to asexualawarenessproject@gmail.com. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here or at that email address.

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