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Hey everybody! ?


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Hey everybody! ? my name is Tommi, i'm a pansexual aromantic boigyrl who's known i was somewhere on the aro-spectrum for a long time but didn't realize i'm just....straight up aromantic until recently. i'm currently in a long-distance quasiplatonic relationship w/ my sweetheart O, who was formerly my boyfriend/datefriend before we both realized we're aro. i live in the DFW, TX area with my little queer patchwork family of my chosen sibling (who i moved in with after having some family troubles earlier this year), their fiancee, and our 2 cats.

im mostly here to meet other aro people and just... talk about this whole experience in a space where it doesn't feel weird. tbh i feel super left out of the greater society at this point because of all of this, which isn't necessarily BAD but i def need some community ?

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