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  1. lukewarm to cold! in the summer i usually get lukewarm from just having the cold on, in the fall/winter if i dont use a LITTLE warm water i turn into a popsicle. my sib thinks its weird but appreciates that i dont run up their water bill 😝
  2. my current qpp & i were originally fwb's and there's still a p strong sexual component to our relationship. still, we talk every day for most of our shared waking hours and we def would still enjoy each others company if sex never came up at all. wrt the last few posts, the two of us actually dont have too many interests in common - they're a mathematics major, im literally dyscalculic; i spend all day watching beauty vids and working on illustrations, they use their free time to plan for their weekly DnD sessions or play video games - but we have a nice kind of... mutual interest in each other as people that keeps things from being boring or w/e. once they let me rant at them about different species of mushrooms for 6 hours - and the next day i listened to them talk about the evolutionary history of playable WoW races. our arrangement is def not the norm for whats considered fwb-type situations at all, tho, which i think is super unfortunate because having a genuine platonic bond / love between us that yeah, includes sexuality, but neither of us are gonna try to make it romo is super great, tbqh.
  3. yep! sensual attraction is one of the ways i personally distinguish between having a genuine squish on someone and just wanting to get to know them better or w/e.
  4. Hey everybody! 💖 my name is Tommi, i'm a pansexual aromantic boigyrl who's known i was somewhere on the aro-spectrum for a long time but didn't realize i'm just....straight up aromantic until recently. i'm currently in a long-distance quasiplatonic relationship w/ my sweetheart O, who was formerly my boyfriend/datefriend before we both realized we're aro. i live in the DFW, TX area with my little queer patchwork family of my chosen sibling (who i moved in with after having some family troubles earlier this year), their fiancee, and our 2 cats. im mostly here to meet other aro people and just... talk about this whole experience in a space where it doesn't feel weird. tbh i feel super left out of the greater society at this point because of all of this, which isn't necessarily BAD but i def need some community 😅
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