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Aromantic representation on wikipedia

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I noticed that compared to asexualism, aromaticism is really underrepresented on wikipedia. While asexuality has its own wikipedia article, including a link to AVEN, aromanticism is just mentioned briefly in the article about romantic orientation in the english and german wikipedia. The french wikipedia even sends you to the "asexuality" article (I only speak german, english and french, so I don't know the situation in other languages). I think it would bring way more awareness to this forum it it was linked to from wikipedia. And there should be a french site about aromanticism.

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I don't have any experience with contributing stuff to wikipedia either, but editing pages seems to be easy and at least on german I did also find a site on how to create a new wikipedia article. But as I said, I don't have any experience with this and don't think I'm quilified to write the article as I just recently discovered I'm aromantic.

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Ok. But as in french, there isn't even an article about romantic orientation, one should be able to write an article there. Unfortunately my french is too bad for even translating the german article to french.

I think it would still be good to mention this forum on the "romantic orientations" site. AVEN managed this on the german one for asexuality by doing a survey and implementing it as a source in the wikipedia article. Maybe we should do sth similar (Maybe "How are the sexualities distributes´d amongst aros" or something similar).

Linking to this site from wikipedia would also help with search engine optimisation.

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