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Where might I fall?


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I've known I am ace for a while, but now I'm questioning my romantic attractions.

I'm choosing between aro and hetero.


When I was younger, most of my friends were girls, and it was like that for pretty much all my life except middle school (when I tried to be cool).

I was in exactly 1 relationship ever, and I went in thinking it would be like "Best friends forever!!" Apparently it isn't... After it ended, I realized something I thought for years before the relationship... I'm asexual!!

I thought I was heteroromantic, because I only wanted relationships with the other gender, but I started thinking that the relationships I want aren't romantic.


As much as I'd love cuddling, living together, and just all around partnership, I've never seen anyone as more than just friends.

The people I'd want as a partner is limited to only females, which is the part that made me think heteroromantic.


The people on Aven and an asexual discord server say that I could be aromantic, what is your opinion?

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You could definitely be aromantic. If you don't see your relationships or attractions as romantic then they're probably not. I have only really been interested in having that type of close friendship you describe with females; I've never been quite sure why and some people have tried to invalidate my aromantic identity with a logical fallacy about that fact about my relationships, but since they don't feel like anything romantic to me that means I can still be aromantic and so can you if that's the label you feel fits you.

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It's possible to be aro with a strong inclination towards one sex. You could be aro and only have women as your partners, but that doesn't make you less aro. It sounds like you could be aro if you've never felt romantically inclined towards anyone but it's up to you to see if your experiences match up with others and if the title seems to fit you. I can sort of relate because in my mind a relationship is just Best Friends Premium and I've never seen it as more than that, but I think I'd probably choose a guy as a partner if I was to have one.

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