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Hello, I am a newb!


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Hey everyone, 

My name is Zoe and I am an aromantic asexual. I discovered this world about a year ago, and sadly I don't know anyone who shares the same orientations at all!  I'm excited to get to know more people like me, and I'm so down to learn more about different aspects of the aromantic world! I guess I'll end this introduction with I'm open to all sorts of discussions!


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2 hours ago, Apathetic Echidna said:

Welcome :aroicecream:

Yeah, we seem to be spread thin on the world...well the ones of us that know about the orientation labels, I feel there are many more a-spectrum peeps that just don't know the terms :)


yeah, that makes sense. That would totally correlate with our heteronormative society and the stigma there is about the 'less common' orientations.

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