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Aromantic Manga

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The topic title is misleading....sort of. 

I came across a manga today where the lead character presented as aromantic .....up until around the last page.

It was an English translation so some thing may have been misrepresented but they touched on feeling suffocated in a relationship, the inability to connect with someone, finding romantic emotions curious and confusing. It was only a two chapter oneshot yaoi, so there is only a bit of character development as the characters progressed to sex (yaoi does not know the meaning of abstinence) and the sort of positive ending typical of the genre. It was very interesting that all this had been done in 2009! It makes me wonder where the aromantic sexual mangas since then have hidden themselves, I'm sure there have been a few. I am sort of glad they didn't make the character identify as aromantic because the change at the end would have been sort of insulting, the last two pages was a major disappointment anyway. 

Anyway if anyone is curious to see for themselves it is Ootsuki Miu's  'Ai Dano Koi Dano' chapters 1 & 2 (the story 'The Which is Love?')

The first chapter is tame, like PG rated, the yaoi and bad ending all happen in chapter 2. 

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13 hours ago, Zorcodtoa said:

Just sounds like someone's fantasies to me.

That is basically what all manga is. But normally it is all repressed feelings and longing from an unrequited love or something while this story had a sort of coldly curious but friendly character as the main POV. It just seemed quite different which is probably why I am reading aromanticism into the representation. 

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