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Hello, I'm new


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[CW; mental illness mention]


Hi everyone


I decided to make an account here to learn more about aromance, I've only just started researching it and I very strongly identify with it. I've already been told that it's "not a real thing", so I wanted to come somewhere where people may share similar experiences as I.


You can call me Zal, I'm 26. I've been in a single relationship out of high school which lasted four years. Part of what made my coming to terms so confusing was the fact that I have Borderline Personality Disorder, which for me involves intense feelings of attachment towards people. I believe that it was this that made me think "well, this must be what romantic attraction is", however since that relationship ended, I've found myself become less and less enthusiastic about dating. I also work in the wedding industry and am surrounded by marriage, married couples and so forth. There is nothing about it at all that inspires me or that I relate to on an emotional level.


I'd be interested to meet other Aros that are possibly diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, did you confuse any feelings of attachment to people as being romantic attachment? I guess I still have a lot of self-doubt lol.


Anyway, sorry for the long winded rant, I'm excited to join this community and look forward to meeting more like-minded people :)

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