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I think everybody knows these rating things that you can see in the mainstream cinema. They basically meant to give you a vague idea of what you are about to see.


As quite a few aro folks are repulsed by romantic content, I think it would be really practical to have something similar that would help us to determine if a certain movie is going to be enjoyable or not. For example, I can't even sit though most Disney cartoons, it makes me cringe, but I'm fine with erotica. As erotica is monitored, I guess for a sex repulsed ace its quite easy to find out if there are any intense scenes in the film in question, but romance repulsion is something they do not even consider, therefore that kind of information is not really available.  I feel like I'm missing out, cos I do not want to watch something that would make me uncomfortable, but most of the queer cinema is 95% romance...

Instead of each of us having to sit through these scenes, I thought maybe we could do some DIY reviews, to make life a bit easier.


So I was thinking something like on a scale of 0 to 5, how much:



violence against minorities


And then users could give a brief summary the actual scene, like

Movie Title 

sex: 2 (erotic kissing, mild sexual language)

romance: 3 (romantic kissing, love confessions, a romantic date, 2 mins of cheesy love song)

violence against minorities: 4 (transphobic language, racist jokes)


So if one wants to watch a movie, they can look it up and know if they would be able with that sort of content.


I was thinking about creating a blog or something where people could submit their movie reviews, with ratings. Any suggestions how to create such thing?

Or does anybody know about a site that does something like this? Would you find something like this useful?


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