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The Catato is Here!!

Starry Sky

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Heyo!! Starry Sky from AVEN here!! Gray-panromantic asexual blah blah blah all that stuff. I'm in a rush. I have family over right now and feel rude with my computer having my undivided attention. *hugs and stuff*


Can I still have cake? :cake:

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Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a cake emoticon on here… yet. There needs to be one! 


1 minute ago, DannyFenton123 said:

Heyyyyy! Nice to see you and welcome!

There is currently no cake icon... but I guess aros have to come up with something else. Pizza?


Hmmm… I don't enjoy pizza that much. How about we stick with the dessert theme? Ice cream?

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1 minute ago, deltaX said:

Hi Starry!  *waves*  It's cool to see not only a fellow AVENite, but a fellow DT person; I look forward to seeing you around here in addition to on AVEN :) 


IF AVEN doesn't take up all my attention like it currently does lol

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