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Potato Emoticons

Starry Sky

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This is a thread where I will be posting potato emoticons that I find, make, resize etc. Feel free to share some as well. If you find a potato you would like resized, post it below and I'll add it to this post. Also, there are two versions of some of them because I sized some for the emoticons here and some for the size of emojis that you'd find on a phone...


potato  TKiUqxO.png

smile  43IhZBb.png  5O0CFnv.png

tater tot  EZFEqEu.png  lol this one sucks

Spud  MmiP8Ho.png  aMoQXl6.png

hashbrown  ZOelTUV.png

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3 minutes ago, DeMorgan said:

There's still only one acceptable potato emoticon, and it's this one: :chips:.


All those others are lies and unacceptable as such.

I vote DeMorgan is banned from all potato discussions!

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1 minute ago, DeMorgan said:


See how they censor us? This is further proof of the chaotic degeneracy of the Potato Agenda!

You are threatening the poor potatoes by turning them into chips, it's just trying to protect them!

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