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  1. absolutely I agree with the first part I did choose the wrong words yes maybe it is a squis as you said and I'm not the only person who experiences it but it may be the first time for me and I'm still trying to understand how to behave in front of these feelings
  2. hello my fellows I have a question for you have you ever been attracted by someone in a not traditional way? I explain better.. I have this friend and I feel something uncommon for her I'm like attracted but I can't understand how and I mostly want her to like me and to be interested in me... it's odd because I can't understand what I feel for her or want from her but I feel something that I don't feel for anyone and I was thinking this is the way aroace people feel attracted by others ahahaha I don't know the question more easily is: what do you feel when you "like" someone something that goes further than friendship thank you and sorry if I wrote too much and I hope someone can understand what I mean
  3. When I was 15 I thought I was lesbian because I wasn't really interested in boys and then i hav had a crush on a couple of girls and this made me believe i was gay... as the years go by i figured out that i wasn't really interested in girls neither Now if i think about that crush i realize that i wasn't romantically attracted
  4. When I was younger, like 13\14 years, my school mates were interested in finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend.. I didn't care and i thought that maybe we were still too young and they were just pretending.. Now I'm 17, everyone is always looking for a partner and i don't think they all pretend ahaha but i don't care and I don't understand why it's so important for everyone
  5. YMBAI you find it difficult to play the fuck marry kill game YMBAI you feel unconfortable when someone flirts with you and you would like to disappear
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