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  1. Lol not at all Lol not at all i just have my life planned out really well
  2. Haha...I am 14 and i want to have a qpr with her and she has a bf lmfao..
  3. I love musicals without love in them..
  4. Ok so I have a best friend. She is amazing. We will move out together and go to college etc etc.. I was looking forward to spending my life with her but then the bomb dropped. She is a conservative christian and a romantic. She is going to get married. She said that will be her life goal. I won't spend my life with her because she wants to get married and date and find guys. I am going to be alone. Because when people get married, people want to put all their focus on their partner. God damn it
  5. If you spend a ton of time wondering if it was a crush or not. Looking back and realizing that all my "crushes" were me thinking I was supposed to have a crush on them/a squish. Loving romantic films but hating the thought of being in that situation. Your dad telling you you have to give him grandchildren and panicking. Your teacher telling you you have to get married someday. ALL YOUR FRIENDS SAYING THAT TOO.
  6. When you think kissing is so weird cause like ur pressing ur face holes against each other and its supposed to be pleasant wtf?
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