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  1. It happened to me twice. In my first dream I was a boy but I didn't feel like it's my body, more like watching a movie. In the other dream, at the beginning I felt like 90% male but this number was decreasing as the dream continued and in the end I felt half female and half male. In both dreams I had a girlfriend (in first one I kissed her, in the second my best friend was my girlfriend and I made a sexual innuendo).
  2. "Hakuna matata" is the best Disney song ever made. I LOVE it. After so many years, I still don't know why people prefer "Can you feel the love tonight". When I was 10 or 11 all of my girl friends suddenly developed a crush on one boy from my class. I couldn't understand why were they acting so weird around him. When I was on a school trip in middle school my friend has made up a fairytale about me and my best friends. At the end of the story she asked as to choose between the perfect boyfriend and something we really wanted. I was the only one not to choose boyfriend (but hey, not everyday you get the chance to get Aston Martin for yourself).
  3. I've never been in a relationship, although once I almost ended up in one. Before I realised I'm asexual and aromantic I thought can't find anybody because I set my standars to high. When I discovered queerplatonic relationships I realised I've always wanted something like that and not sexual-romantic relationship.
  4. When you send your friend a link to the song that in your opinion is about friendship but she thinks it's about romance.
  5. I'm still new to the asexuality and aromanticism but I'm pretty sure I'm aro ace. I joined AVEN on February and 5 minutes ago I discovered that this place exists (thanks to AVEN ). I hope I'll have a chance to chat with other aros and learn something new. I'm 20 yo biotechnology student, bookworm and fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe. I like to draw, especially dragons and similar creatures.
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