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  1. Yes I agree with all of this! That's probably a big contributing factor to why I find it all so uncomfortable.
  2. Yeah, I prefer just close friend. Feelings around friendship in modern culture seem to have been dulled down by the concept of "facebook friend" or "twitter follower" or whatever. There's lots of levels to friendship and I'm fine with there only being one word to encompass it all to avoid all the extra terminology that all seem to have romantic equivalents. I just get annoyed by the looks people give me when I say I'm happiest with friends and family only and they just say "why would you just want to have friends?" Like, excuse you, what is so trivial about friendship? Even if it's odd to verb
  3. When I think about gender preference I can only think of the fact that I desire friendship exclusively with other women. I don't know how I feel about calling that platonic attraction though but since I'm aro ace this is the only aspect of myself that feels oriented at all.
  4. This is my first time hearing the term "nonamorous" but that sits with me well just like the term "nonsexual" because upon first learning about asexuality/aromanticism my mind was equating those to nonsexual/nonamorous by mistake but that's just the type of words I was looking for. You say you want to be close to someone but I don't typically think "partner" when thinking about the people I'm close to. I have a friend who I've known for over 20 years. Sure we don't talk daily or even weekly. She's out there gracing the world with her talents. I admire and respect her as she does me
  5. If their romantic and sexual orientations are not aligned, people typically use it. Or if we're in an aro/ace community where discussing split attraction is more common, people default to listing their romantic and sexual orientations separately. To me it's just a tool. If they use it I think it means they recognize that romantic/sexual attraction are separate things. If someone says they don't use it I assume it doesn't matter to them because their attractions are readily recognized and also aligned. I guess it could? I have n
  6. I'd like to know more about this. I've been uncomfortable with many of the terms used in the aro community. Typically I frequent asexual spaces where aromantic conversation seems to center around the "search for a QPP" and issues along the lines of "my spouse is viewing me too romantically, what do I do?" Often when I try to explain the feelings I have for my two closest friends people jump on me saying I obviously have a squish or that I should ask them to be my partner and the very thought of any of that sounds bizarre to say the least. What I did happen upon about a year or so
  7. Yes, these were my thoughts. When I first heard about a QPR I was under the impression it was talking about best friends. To me, friendship in and of itself is a relationship. It only gets sidelined because of the general culture and generally friends don't point out the relationship that rests between them. For example, I've been friends with a girl for... 20 years now? Not once have I asked her what she thinks about our relationship, what we can work on in our relationship, or where she envisions our relationship going in the future. I don't particularly find it necessary, but these conversa
  8. It didn't say beyond "normal friendship" though. It said "beyond friendship." Heavy, light, and everywhere in between. I'll point at an original oreo and a double-stuffed oreo but still call it an oreo, for example. I call this girl Mo my best friend because we've known each other since before we could spell our own names but I feel as close to her as my other three close friends even if I open up to the four of them differently on different occasions usually on the basis of interests or experiences we have in common or on the basis of how I think they'll respond given their personalities. Doe
  9. What is your definition of a QPR? What is your definition of a squish? Are either of these terms relevant to your experiences? Why or why not?
  10. Hello humans. TL;DR - I was wondering in general what everyone's thoughts were on amatonormativity being a concept that is adverse to queerplatonic thought OR if not for amatonormativity, do you think the categorization of "queerplatonic" would be necessary? I was actually in the beginning stages of working on a larger thought piece that is slightly related to the topic title but stopped short when I was reading the article for "queerplatonic" on something called "Aromantics Wiki" which is I suppose a sub-wiki for terms found within aromantic communities. I'm not sure
  11. Hmm... well... I guess one thing is I always try to think about the purpose of a romantic relationship and I do that by looking at my friends who are mostly all in one or have been in one before. My friend right now is very worried that when her boyfriend moves to Japan for a year, he won't be able to support her "emotional needs." Right now they still live in separate time zones (Chicago vs. New York) but apparently Japan makes this different. So that got me thinking about who supports my "emotional needs" I suppose. I ask my parents for advice on things and sometimes I also ask my friends fo
  12. Ello. *looks around* Uhh... hi i'm Turtle. I work in concert and theatrical production. I prefer hot chocolate over coffee or tea. I like Star Wars, K-pop, and F1 racing. Just thought I'd poke around here... see what's up so... *sits on the couch*
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