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  1. I get where you're coming from; that's happened to me so many times I feel that it's best to just stay detached and try to get laid whenever I can to at least fulfill that part of my life.
  2. Starting when I was around 13 or 14, I would just start faking romantic attraction toward people who told me they were attracted to me (those people are and always have been few and far between, but still) because I would always hope that maybe this next person would be the one who actually makes me feel something if I just tried hard enough. That hasn't really worked out.
  3. I think a number of factors play into how and if I enjoy sex, whether it be genuine physical attraction, how much I actually enjoy being around the other person (outside of sex), whether or not I feel that in the presence of this person my constant feelings of self-loathing will subside so both of us can enjoy ourselves, etc. Also, pardon my language, but when it's fun, it's really goddamn fun. Sex for me is something that two people who trust each other on (at the very least) a physical level do to feel good about themselves or their partner. Any sort of emotional claptrap that gets saddled along with it gets in the way of the experience, honestly. Again, for me, at least. I agree with what you said about the two connections coexisting, that's pretty on the money in my experience. Intersection of sexual and platonic feelings are...well, not exactly my cup of tea.
  4. Hiya there, my name's Alex, and I'm aromantic. I'm an 18 year old English major from Southern California who likes books, TV, movies, comics, video games, etc (ya know, nerd shit). I didn't know I was aromantic until maybe a few years ago; once I actually heard the word, I had a moment where I thought something like "oh, so there's a word for it, cool". Looking back knowing now that I've always been aro, it explains an awful lot, especially why none of my relationships have worked and how happier I always was just keeping things casual. Okay, that's about it. Sorry, I'm not that interesting.
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