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  1. I'm doing my best to survive climate change.  5euk2t.jpg

  2. I'm so sick of the "allo bad, aro good" memes 'cause the basic premise of the 'allo bad' is they enjoy romantic relationships -- even though there there are just as many arospecs who enjoy those things. But when I call them out for simplifying the experience of greyro, demiros ect, people say "calm down, it's just a meme" It is offensive and you're stereotyping arospecs. Just say you hate romance-favourable aros and go 

    1. Karst


      Most social issues can't just be simplified into "x bad, y good", anyway.

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  3. Saw a post on Tumblr trying to claim that SAM was homophobic and I was?? So dumbfounded that I legit feel unwell. I hate being alloaro sometimes.

    1. Karst


      What... was the "logic" behind it?

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