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  1. I used to do this, a while ago. I found both a onyx and a moonstone rings, and wore them just like you said. Unfortunately stone rings are quite fragile, and I ended up dropping the moonstone one and it shattered. They looked similar to these: Onyx, Moonstone. Should I find another one like that again I might buy it, but for the moment I'm not wearing rings.
  2. Hello again. I totally forgot to post here, but a couple weeks ago I bought a pair of white and black Aro and Ace rings. The aro one is moonstone, and the ace is black agate. Both are pretty, but the moonstone specially seems to shine with an inner light when under the sun. I wear the Ace on the middle finger of the right hand, and the Aro one on the middle finger of the left hand. Unfortunately, the day after I took these pictures I dropped the black one, and it broke clean in half. I glued it back together with super glue, and it barely looks damaged. But I'm searching for a replacement. because I don't know how long will the glue hold. Now, pics! The third ring is my old green agate one, that I was using as Aro while searching for a white ring.
  3. Thank you. I actually had an hematite ring, but it was too fragile. It broke after the first time it fell down. I think the easiest to find around here are probably lace agate and obsidian.
  4. I am looking for a black and white rings made of stone. Any suggestions on the materials? @Cassiopeia, I have a green agate ring, from even before finding out about the Aro community, and recommend it. Not only the agate is a beautiful shade of green, but it is also impact and scratch resistant.
  5. Thanks. I agree with @Saber_Wing. No one around here would recognize either Ace or Aro symbolism anyway.
  6. I agree. Specially because most people would not know what aromanticism is, and probably make their own assumptions instead of researching it...
  7. Wow, that is reeeealy cool. What is it made of? And where did you buy it? I kind wanna it too...
  8. Thanks for all the answers. I asked mostly because I just found out about aromanticism and finally started thinking about it, and the first thing the two friends I talked about it said was "Maybe you just didn't find the right one yet". That, unsurprisingly, got me thinking even more. Now that I am in college I live in a kinda big city, but I'm from a small backwater one. And the chief reason I wanted to get out of there (even out of that state) was to try and find someone(s) I could identify with, talk to and form some kind of bond. I have always been a loner, but it doesn't mean I don't want someone to talk to. I have to admit as well that I was hoping to find "the right one". I believed one reason that I never had felt attracted to anyone was maybe because the sampling pool was too narrow. For better or worse I have abandoned those ideas by now. @Cassiopeia: Thanks for taking time to write. I do believe it's more complicated then that for most people. More like a process. I was just tired and didn't know how to bring up the topic. @Edit: forgot to say, I'm 22 now.
  9. So, you are a writer @Rising Sun? What do you like to write about? You people, at what age more or less you just said "f*** it" and stopped waiting for "the right one"?
  10. I third this. Although I don't care about other people using it, I never felt comfortable using it myself. Mostly because I never knew (and yet don't know) what exactly it means. Specially because some people use it so unceremoniously that it loses some of it's depth. I dunno, I'm only rambling.
  11. Hmm. I couldn't find black and white ceramic rings for sale on Brazilian web stores. Sadly I can't import anything yet. I prefer a non metallic ring, to try and differ from the relationship/engagement/marriage ones. But I can't find that many options. What about titanium? I have seen both black and white ones, but I don't remember where. For black, you could also have a tungsten ring. Seems very cool.
  12. Thanks. I have seen the One Ring, black, and almost bought it (didn't have the money at the time, alas). But I have never seen it whitish, to make a pair. Also, I think you can't have a pair of One Rings anyway...
  13. About the bracelet, do you people think it would be too weird to have a single bracelet with both aro and ace colors?.
  14. @aroMa(n)tisse Very cool rings, I kind of want a pair now as well. What are they made of? My personal pick is the first pic: middle finger right hand ace, middle finger left hand aro. It's what I plan on doing when i buy my pair. @Nowhere.girl Thank you.
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