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  1. So much this. At some point when talking about the history of ANY community under the umbrella, you have to realise that eventually it leads back into similar, if not the same places. No label sprang fully into existence with its own fully fleshed out, completely seperate history. Instead it's a tangled web of overlaping groups, some of which may or may not have grown from others. It's messy and confusing, as much of life is, and you can't always draw those distinct lines of 'this is the history of group a' and 'this is the history of group b'. If you're asking for sources on aro history, you have to accept that some of it isn't specifically gonna be about aros, because of how new aromantic is as a seperate label, comparatively speaking. It's not clear cut straight up 'this is aro history 100% certified', but rather 'this is where some people who may or may not have identified as aromantic in modern times could be found in the past, and today's aromantics can find parallels between their stories and ours that make their experiences relatable to us.' (ie Golden Orchid Society or Boston Marriages) It's a little easier to find ourselves in the early stages of the bi community, because we HAVE queer elders who tell us that this is where everyone not gay or lesbian tended to end up. There's plenty of personal first hand accounts talking about it, as referenced by Tost above me. Queer history is nebulous and very difficult to categorize as purely falling under a single label, even with relatively recent history. Sometimes you have to extrapolate the information.
  2. Not sure I can give you any particular ones off the top of my head. What I can give is mostly my own personal experiences and the stories I've heard from countless other aros, but IDing as bi first is both a common ace and aro narrative. I still use a bi label, despite not having a sexuality and not being arospec, because of my close connection to the community and my 15 or so years IDing as bi. From what I've heard from other aros, this is a common feeling. On that note, 'I feel the same amount of attraction to all' can be easily mistaken for bi, even tho really the amount of attraction is none. According to the discussions I've seen previously, it's pretty well accepted that people who would have been aces, before the ace label and community was really a thing, kinda just bundled themselves under bi, if they bundled at all, because that was the label if you weren't gay/lesbian. Is it so hard to imagine aros doing the same thing?
  3. Are you seriously gonna sit there and say 'there is no denying that the history of the two movements (asexuality and aromanticism) is highly interconnected' and then turn around and talk about the connection between the bi and ace communities while claiming you don't know of any such connection between the bi and aro communities? Yea the ace and aro communities have been very connected in the past, to the point where we SHARE the connection with the bi community you're talking about. The bi community housed aros when we didnt have a name, just like it did aces, and many aros (like myself) thought they were bi before realising what aromanticism was. You really gonna try and claim our shared history while ignoring it one post later?
  4. I'm glad AVEN has been good to you. It hasn't always been to aros, and we're allowed to be wary of AVEN because of that. Our wariness of AVEN isn't a comment on you either, but you have to realise not everyone has the same experience with AVEN or the ace community as large as you do. I personally, as a aromantic who is not asexual, am uncomfortable with being associated with an asexual organisation, publicized or not, because of the experiences I have had with the ace community. This apparently is not an uncommon experience. Obviously I don't want Arocalypse shut down, but as people have said, this is a LAST DITCH option to us, because literally anything else would be better.
  5. (Not going to lie, I finally made an account just to respond to this. Been planning for ages, never got around to it). I'm gonna say it outright, I'm not comfortable with AVEN running this site. I've been fighting for ages to try and stop people assuming my aromanticism means I'm asexual, and I don't think associating a major aromantic space with a well known asexual organisation is gonna help that. I don't want these forums to go down, but I think there is almost definitely a better way then letting AVEN take over.
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