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  1. Wow. Thank you for all the resources. seriously. what you said about labels rly spoke to me, as theyve always been hard for me to rly pin myself down. but i was always relying on other to pin it down for me. i think im gonna look into aromantism more instead of just asking everyone else. so thank you so much! i have so much to learn.
  2. hi. recently i was just kissed by someone who likes me. it was my first kiss (i wasnt really interested in kissing) and it felt so weird. i never thought it would be great, but shoving him out of my house and brushing my teeth with dishsoap is not what i had planned. i always had admiration for others that i thought was a crush. but i know realize i never wanted anything from it. i just wanted to hangout more. i dont really want anything romantic. kissing and holding hands is platonic to me. but i wanna spend my life with someone i love. i just dont think that love will be romantic. does this
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