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  1. Bowling for Soup but that's three words. Turtle race
  2. Not that I particularly remember, but I really enjoyed wandering around on foot, seeing the city and going into little shops and such.
  3. I really agree with that. I also feel that Monty is aro/ace as well.
  4. Barns are quite dusty places, especially during shedding season!

  5. They really did. Which ones did you have in mind?
  6. I just found a package of rainbow sharpies in my closet, and now I am redecorating my notebooks. 

  7. 1952 Vincent Black Lighting because I love ballads and the Les Mis soundtrack are really appealing to me right now.
  8. I quite like Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, The Wheel of Time, The Infernal Devices, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I am also a fan of Roger Zelazny and Anne McCaffery, what about you?
  9. Obernewtyn has no romance mentioned, but it is also written for a ya audience. It talks about the main character forming close friendships, but nothing else is mentioned.
  10. I am an Erudite Slytherclaw.
  11. I was in Japan last year, and really enjoyed the weekend I spent wandering Kyoto and another one in Aomori!
  12. I am convinced that Murphy from The 100 was meant to be asexual. I get that he isn't, but he seemed like on of those characters that was pushed into heteronormalcy to make him more relatable to most people.
  13. Awkward intros... I'm Tris and am asexual and aromantic. I never really considered anything else, it has always been who I am. I enjoy horseback riding, cuddling my cat, baking, talking, writing, and I'm not sure enjoy is precisely the word to use for all of the books I read or the TV shows I watch. But I am a fantasy book fan and am always happy to talk about any subject with anyone. I adore hearing other people's views on subjects and am not particularly squeamish about an subject (sex, gore, etc). For me its more of an objective interest, a "oh that's what that is supposed to mean." But anyways, hi!
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