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  1. I'm so romance repulsed, I have had to physically leave the room/area because I was so disgusted/sick. Kissing is so nasty. Please leave and never show your face to me again. Hand holding is on the border of please keep that stuff for at home or behind closed doors. I can't handle PDA at all, like I need to leave if there is PDA. Romcoms are a no, real people romcoms are a no. Just in general romance is a no. Just stop take that away from me, put it in a box to never show me. Just save the romance for home and not in the public eye. However I'm Eufictomisromantic, meaning I like fictional romance. So that throws people for a loop. Like I love shipping, I love romantic books and story's of fictional characters, but put any of that in real life and I'm gone. I still can't handle kissing and too cheesy/overly romantic fictional stuff, but it doesn't make me sick and I can actually enjoy fictional romance of fictional characters.
  2. I understand completely, I don't get kissing.( I say kissing as mostly mouth to mouth kissing. Depending on the person kissing on other parts of the head or body are usually platonic, or sexual.) I have done it probably a total of 5 times in my life, 3 of those instances I was drunk, and each time I hated it. To me kissing is highly romantic and something I can't get behind at all. Like my brain categorized kissing as romantic, and as romance repulsed, kissing is a nono. I don't like kissing, watching people kiss, or even watching animated people or animals kiss. To me it is disgusting. Even when I have sex, I don't kiss. It's a rule I have with my partners that you can kiss anywhere you want but my lips/mouth is off limits, you kiss me there and we are done. Along with this I don't understand kissing, like it's nasty. There are more germs in a human mouth than a toilet. Like I don't understand how having a mouth on your own mouth is enjoyable. To me I would rather, much rather, put my mouth on someone's genitals than on someone's mouth. I don't get it, and to me kissing is just repulsive.
  3. Apologies for derogatory terms/names "Oh you are just a slut." - um, like no? So what if I still like sex/feel sexual attraction doesn't mean I'm a slut, literally stop slut shaming people especially aromantic people. "Wow such a cold hearted bitch." - just because I don't want to date or get into a romantic relationship with you or anyone else, doesn't make me cold hearted. Someone sounds bitter and it isn't me. "So what, your like a robot?" - Ah yes, you have found out my secret, I am a robot hiding in a flesh body, incapable of any feeling or emotion because romantic emotion is the only emotion any human being is capable of. "But romance is what makes us human!" - As an anthropology major, I can tell you what makes us human is not romance. It is actually our bipedalism, culture (though this topic is highly argued), laguage and our thirst for knowledge. Other animals are highly romantic and is not a determined factor that makes humans human.
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