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Male sexual desire?

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5 hours ago, DeltaV said:

I really don't want to be insulting here, I just don't know how to put this more nicely.

Hah, that's fine. Like I said earlier: I'm not especially fragile!


So, getting to your questions:

5 hours ago, DeltaV said:

Do you have a very charming, interesting, fun personality?

Interesting: possibly, to the right person. "Charming" and "fun"? Sober me: nope! Drunk/tipsy me: possibly able to pull it off, in the right context :P


5 hours ago, DeltaV said:

Are you some kind of sex god?

Untested! :D There is always the possibility of this  xD 


5 hours ago, DeltaV said:

Are you very attractive?

Subjective! :D Just needs some woman with questionable taste to step up!


(I do take your responses seriously, by the way. I just thought that the thread could use a bit of 'light relief' here and there! I do think you're probably right about this: "I think, while you won't be seen as a monster, you would be seen as very arrogant and self-deluded to believe that you could get something like what you want long-term and not just be a “filler'". I would actually struggle a hell of a lot with feeling like I was wasting somebody's time by going after what I potentially wanted out of a relationship. It's what I was getting at by bringing up the whole "escalator" / "where is this relationship going" concepts earlier. As I suspect I would probably be pretty happy parking things at "good friends who have sex" more-or-less permanently...)

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