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Lecture about the importance of friendship

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It's about an hour long, and covers the history of friendship philosophy, with some examples of how much people used to value friendship, and explores the reasons why modern society doesn't value friendship anymore.


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Nice find! :)


I liked the anecdote about Keynes. What he says about careers being prioritised over friends is true enough, although I don't think that's down to individual choices to the extent he perhaps implies (I'd say we're at the mercy of the whims of our economic system to a greater extent than what's developed in his talk. long-term career stability seems much less commonplace nowadays than it was in, say, Keynes' day).


One thing I felt he also could have developed more is the importance of 'bad' experiences in cementing bonds of friendship. It strikes me that the scope and intensity of such experiences is often lessened in the modern world. Say that somebody saves your life in battle, or you bring them back from the brink of starvation. Those kinds of shared experiences would oftentimes result in a very strong friendship bond. You can literally trust each other with your lives after that. But these sorts of experiences are obviosly not common anymore in the modern world.

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