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I forgot the label for this-


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Alright, I did find a label that could've explained this, so I was just asking if anyone could recall it. It might just be romance repulsion/negativity and touch aversion.

I hate physical touch and am uncomfortable by it, physical affection in romantic relationships feels weird and uncomfortable, romantic media can be cute (when it comes to animated charactera I suppose) but I've been disgusted ever since i was a kid whenever people show romantic affection like kissing I am absolutely disgusted by kissing. It makes me want to physically get sick. If I ever have another in person romantic relationship, there's gonna be no physical affection whatsoever. I'm annoyed by love posts and couples public displays of affection. I can't even define romantic attraction. But I feel this feeling of feeling something "more" that I think is romantic attraction. I can have a strong feeling of affection for someone, but it only lasts until the honeymoon where it either dies down, or goes away leaving me just wanting out of the relationship, or both, where I feel attraction but it kinda comes and goes. I feel like I don't think of romantic partners as much as they do me, I can even easily just not think of them at all. Cold, I know. But there was one time I thought only of someone, to a probably unhealthy extent? I can't tell. Real life romantic relationships are okay I guess, except for the wanting out part that comes and goes, alongside the lack of attraction that comes and goes. Just no physical affection. And certainly no kissing.

Like is there a label for someone who experiences romantic attraction just not as strongly, or where it comes and goes?

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