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A little graveyard.


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Out of the 4000 or so accounts on Apocalypse, I've noticed that a lot of the are abandoned or dead. This is a place to appreciate the people who are no longer on the site for what they did while they were on it.


(Sorry if this is a little sad, but the point still stands)

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Yeah, it's sad. 😔 But the issue is, contrary to other orientations, aromanticism it is an absence. A "mu" as the Zen master says. So it's more difficult to go on and on talking about it.

OK, we do have QPRs. But, for whatever reason, they don't create a similar level of excitement as queer romantic relationships do in their respective communities.

BTW, when I joined this board, the world was a much happier, much more wholesome place than it was now.

It's shocking how the situation degraded in the past years. Of course, since many users are very young here, those 4–5 years seem long.

Yeah, it is a long time in a sense.

But the enormous deterioration of international stability, the erosion of trust in democracies and the worsening economic situation (described by the cutesy term "cost-of-living crisis") we witnessed... I thought something like that would take much longer, more like decades.

So I believe that people right now have something else to do than be further active in aromantic communities after they informed themselves. All those users who left also found out that we live in a world that is much more fragile than we ever wanted to believe. And as much as I hate to say, at least in the short term it seems to get even worse.

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