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being aromantic as a tarot reader


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i've been curious if anyone here are tarot readers & read tarot for other people as well, & if so did you find doing love readings specifically to be more draining than other topics you read about? i know it does for me & i think this correlates with me being aromantic & i guess that's because personally for me i find real life people's romantic lives to be not much i'm interested in. people have complicated lives as it is, leading you to getting all sorts of different energies in a reading but coupling that with romance it can be a bit too much for me as well, ngl.

i guess i could go ahead & omit love readings in my services but the thing is that's the most profitable readings out there since a lot of people are really interested in inquiring about their love lives most of the time surprisingly, which shouldn't really be a surprise since we do live in a romance centric world, but since i don't think too much of it myself i forget that's not the case for other people around me.


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6 hours ago, Picklethewickle said:

I don't have an answer, but that is really interesting. I hope you find a solution, either for finding it less draining, or for recovering easily.

thanks, yeah. now as i'm typing this i thought about how i could also maybe ask the cards what i should do in order to find love readings less draining or at least to recover from doing them easily. so thanks again for the idea at least

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