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Am I aroace if I've never felt anything towards a real person?



I've dated someone before (online), but I later found out that it was more of a fixation (causing me to break up with him and just stay friends). All that I know is that I've never gotten this whole, "love" feeling, like a crush or whatever my whole life and have depended on close bonds and friendships. I've never felt sexual attraction towards anyone either. Just overall I've never wanted a relationship, yeah, the thought of it is nice but I don't care about it and can live peacefully without worrying that I'll be single forever unlike some people 💀.

However this doesn't apply to like, fictional characters or whatever, which clarifes that i am in fact straight. Even with them it's more of a strong fixation, but I do think of them in ways that I wouldn't even think of an actual real person. So I'm confused as to what exactly this means.

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I'm getting fictoromantic/sexual vibes. Which just means liking fictional characters exclusively ig. I just found it on the wiki tho and didn't read too far past the definition.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/14/2024 at 11:11 AM, Isa1116 said:

I'm getting fictoromantic/sexual vibes.



So fictoromantic means you feel romantic attraction towards fictional characters only, or that your romanticity is influenced somehow by them.

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