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Am I just confused?

Guest $ilver


Guest $ilver

I have this good friend of mine and we talk a lot. They're fun to hang out with and I've always been happy to see them. 

Recently, however, our mutual friend began to say that the two of us would make a cute couple, and would always ask me how I felt about that friend in particular, and I will admit that I am fond of the friend, but that's all I thought I felt.

I feel disappointed when they can't meet up with me and I get lowkey jealous when they prioritise their commitments with other people over mine, plus, I felt hurt when they avoided me for reasons unknown.

Am I really in love with this friend or is it all a delusion?

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This sounds like the normal feelings of a friendship to me. People typically do want to spend some time with their friends, and get disappointed when they are left out. People do feel happy seeing their friends, and a whole range of other emotions. If you had no feelings and no thoughts and no interests associated with this person, you probably wouldn't think of them as a friend, but merely as some random person you encounter sometimes.

Just because someone else thinks you should be a couple doesn't mean you need to start being a couple, or that you have to fall in love.

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