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Talking about platonic crushes with allo people

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Have you guys ever talked with allo people about having platonic crushes? This was always something I used to keep very quiet, and never really mentioned them to my friends, but then I mentioned one of my more intense platonic crushes to my friend about a year ago, and she said that she thought she also got platonic crushes, and she'd been struggling to sorta figure out how to interpret her feelings. Then, I was talking to one of my friends the other day, and we somehow got on the topic of platonic crushes (this friend is probably aro-spec (she's not totally sure) but she still experiences romantic attraction) and she said she got them, too. Has anyone else talked about it with their allo friends? It was honestly pretty nice to talk about something I thought was just an aro experience and have people actually understand, and be able to talk about this thing that I previously thought was something my friends might not be able to really understand.

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I have not talked to alloromantic people about platonic crushes/squishes yet because I think they would not understand anyway, but I am glad you did and it went so nice for you.

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