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How long has it been?


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Hey everyone… I’m not entirely too sure what to say. It’s been over a year now, I’ve been so absent, lost some, gained more, an I’m not really feeling like I fully understand these developments either. I guess I’ll just start with the big stuff. I was outed a bit ago, my parents were more than fine with it, though we don’t really talk much about it because, honestly, they’re just glad I’m not gonna be a father before leaving the house. It’s been such a long time, coming back here even for a moment just floods me with nostalgia, and I’m so glad I came here in the first place.

I’m not sure who still is and isn’t here, but I hope that, like me, we’ve grown since then. I remember way back in February 26, 2023 (if my memory works right) how I started asking questions, all starting from a simple desire to educate myself on what the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum is, then I found something that sounded like me. I looked around, took an unholy amount of online quizzes, then eventually found this place, a haven to understand myself. And just like most others here, I learned about myself, looking inward and understanding what I felt, or in many cases, couldn’t feel.

After awhile, I moved to TrevorSpace, and gained all the more insight and friendship. Alongside that, I got addicted to roleplaying and it helped me discover that I also had ADHD. That roleplaying addiction kinda exacerbated ADHD, leading to some garbage grades last semester, and to a diagnosis. Thankfully, Concerta and a bit of help made things better. I got wide hyperfixations on so many things, both for good and bad, and in just the course of a year, I’ve changed a lot. 

I may not know much about everyone’s lives here, likely for the best, but I do hope that this site, this community, helped us change too. It’s been wonderful here, and I’ve been gone for far too long. I may not be nearly as active, but I miss this place, and I miss these people. From a mere internet rabbit hole, I gained knowledge of myself and a group I can relate to. To me, that’s more valuable than most things that changed last year. I guess what I’m trying to say here is thank you, thank you to those that remember me for helping me so much.

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