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Confusion about whether I am on the ace spectrum

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I would highly value any and all input from fellow aromantics and other members of the community about this topic.

For background context (as some of you might have read in my intro post thread), I'm a new greyromantic, in the sense up until doing my own research I didn't know there was specific terminology to describe what I was feeling and that there was a whole community of people similar to me. However, I'm confused and unsure if I'm on the ace spectrum.

The best way I can describe how I feel about both romance and sex is "exhaustion". I think about what it might be like to actually engage in the physical act of sex and while I can imagine it can be good if it's between two consenting adults and both people know how to please the other person, I am also a bit repulsed thinking about how physically messy it might be. I also wonder just how true to life most sex scenes depicted in media actually are because very often I'm unable to unsee that it's just actors acting out a "realistic" sex scene and trying to mimic real life, even if they supposedly make the scene so believable other people watching the same scene start believing actual sex took place. I feel tired thinking about what it means to have to be that physically present for the other person during sex and uncomfortable with the idea of sharing my body with someone so intimately.

The other part is despite my slight repulsion, I imagine a what-if scenario if it ever got to a point in time I developed a very deep emotional connection with someone and started feeling sexual attraction to the person. In my everyday life now since identifying as greyromantic, I've acknowledged that I do feel sexual attraction on some levels but just because I DO also conflicts with my lack of interest in pursuing sex with the person I feel sexual attraction to, e.g. in the sense I don't try to find out if the person is also sexually attracted to me and/or I don't feel the need for the attraction to be reciprocated or acknowledged by the person. 

What are your opinions on this?

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