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Hello and good time of day! 

I am Ekaterina, 24, female. By the information I have of myself currently I identify as aroace, there is also a fictoheteroromantic bit (is it the word?) but it's much less impactful on me than my aromanticism, so first of all I'm aro. 

I am very likely to be autistic, despite most my proof here is self-researched. 

I am Russian and Orthodox Christian. 

I study/work in academic field. 

My interests include nature, folklore, some fiction books. I tend to hyperfixate on stuff like particular books and music. 

I just discovered this forum today and hope to be able to contribute. Cannot make promises on how active will I be able to be or for how long I stay (most forums on one or another topic I had entered I didn't stay for long in, but that was at a stage of my life when I was much more socially uncomfortable and unsecure with myself, so it may go differently this time) 

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