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getting over a squish

Guest jatsu


Guest jatsu

hello! i’m trying to get over my first pretty intense squish since i know that it will only lead to disappointment on both ends. 

they’re the closest i’ve ever been to someone and as i see it, i ruin our friendship by suggesting a qpr or it does happen and then eventually they would leave to peruse a romantic relationship or want polyamory which i also cannot provide. 

i can also see myself getting more possessive which i’ve been also trying to work on, or at the very least not act on my insecurities.

i would very much appreciate any advice on getting over my squish

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First of all, advice will vary depending on whether you have come out to them or not. But, assuming you haven't, give them the vocab lesson.

Going from there, you could explain QPRs and whatnot, and yall can have a nice little talk on how far you both are willing to take your friendship.

In my opinion, people in QPRs should have a fair amount of dedication to the relationship, so if you do get to that point i would hope that they understand your limits by then (that was kinda the whole point of talking about how far you guys are going to go), and will not abandon you or ask for a polyamory.


On being possessive, just try to let things slide a bit more. Let people live their lives, not just with you, but with whoever and whatever they want. And for insecurities, you can try and cover them up if possible, or once again, let things slide.


If all else fails, try talking to a professional advice giver, not a random 12 year old person on the internet who happened to find this obscure topic on this obscure website and also wanted to try her hand at advice giving.

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