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Not sure if I like someone?

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So, I would see this guy at my college who is very good-looking and I get nervous around him and I blush and get excited and I would think about him a little bit but I don't think that I feel romantic attraction towards it or if it is romantic attraction and I'm lying to myself. I'm confused. Any advice here?

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Guest FunnyIndividual(greyro)

Thats certainly not romantic attraction, thats probably a crush though.

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It's possible to find someone good-looking and get that nervousness and excitement without it necessarily being a romantic/sexual crush. It might help to ask yourself when you are around them, what do you want to do?

Do you feel compelled to touch, kiss or be physically closer to them? - I think that's a sign of physical attraction

Do you want to get to know them? Spend more time with them? Do you want to be their friend? - Could be platonic attraction/squish

Do you want to go on a date with them? Could you imagine dating them and being in a relationship? Do you want them to notice you romantically? - Could be romantic attraction

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