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5 Signs where you could be aromantic


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These are the 5 signs where you could be aromantic romantic attraction is the feeling of being with other people that feeling of love here I am going to explain signs where one could be aromantic .Are 5 signs where someone could identify as aromantic 


1. You don't has fall in loved to nobody

The first sign is that the person has not fallen in love with anyone who has never fallen in love because they do not feel those feelings of being in love with that person. Aromatics have not fallen in love during their life. What do you say, this should be the first sign that aromantics have ever fallen in love or not. 

2.You don't want to be in eihter romantic relationship

This is the second sign where a person could be aromantic is that the person does not want to be in any romantic relationship. It's simple that the person doesn't want to be with that person or doesn't love them maybe they want to be with the person sexually not romantically the person who might be aromantic doesn't want to be in any relationship about boyfriends and corny things and things like that.

3.The arromantics do not love to theirs couple.

The arromantics They do not love their partner but aromantics could desire them. Despite having partners, some prefer to be alone or participate in a queerplatonic relationship.

4.You don't feel eihter romantic feeling to that person 

The person does not feel romantic feelings, the Roma people Aromantics do not feel romantic feelings for others, for example, they do have feelings for their friends, family, colleagues or allies. Aromantic people do have feelings but we do not feel the feeling of romantic love. There are some who experience little romantic feelings since aromanticism is a umbrella term because it encompasses other identities under the Arro spectrum.

5. You look at the person with different eyes 

When you look at the person, not with those romantic eyes, not with those feelings of romantic love, the way you see people is not romantically.


These could be signs where someone would identify as aromantic but using the label aromantics will make you feel good as using the label asexual in my case me @jesus dario I am aromantic I use the label arromantics I got the label right and I realize that I am aromantic with or without signals I feel good using the label arromantics I use it and I seem to feel Well, using the aromantic label is something I am and the signs would prove it. 

I don't have a partner, I'm single and I prefer to be alone throughout my life. If I don't have girlfriends, it's because I'm aromantic. I haven't fallen in love. It's impossible for me to be in love or in a romantic relationship.


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@Okó I see people with other eyes, not with that romantic infatuation. I am not obsessed. I am at 2, 3 and 5 or all of them. Thank you for your comments. 

3 hours ago, Oko said:

Thank you, 4/5 me...

Equal me

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I'm 2,3,4 and 5. I'm not sure about 1 because I was in relationship a few times and I still don't know if I was really "In love" or I just liked his interest and I wanted to be with him because he is fine and kind...

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