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god i love this place


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i have been away for a while from here so came back to check how things are going and i just felt this big wave of positive energy.

the world outside is too fucking cruel to live in, so brutal, so unaccepting. i sometimes just want to disappear from it. i seriously dont know how to describe my thoughts right now.

i want to shout out that i am aromantic, i want to tell everyone i read silly fanfictions, i want to be able to tell people that i prefer silly silly tumblr to those stupid social medias like instagram , tiktok and twitter without being judged.

i want to go out wearing my dad's jumpers that are too big for me with a pair of old pants without the fear of being laughed at.

i want to tell people that i still love lord of the rings and star wars at the age of 18 without being told "yeah i used too like those when i was 10 but not anymore"

i like to be able to tell people "i have only 3 friends and i just can't consider someone i have known and barely talked to only for a couple of months" without getting laughed at... even those 3 friends would laugh about this joke... it's not my fault that i can't trust people with my friendship.

maybe all of these hidings and repressed feelings have made me this quiet and introverted, i barely talk to anyone but my mom nowadays and it's funny how comfortable i am this way.

wow when i started to write this post it was supposed to come out as something positive and happy wow

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Its okay we I can relate to you some times you just want to wear what you want yet the world can be more cruel then anyone can think hatred, war and many other things yet there is positives in the world like the animals the trees just being out in nature for me and i also started to move to talk to a lot more of family and closer friends and have been introverted alot of my life but always loved animals more then people mainly because animals dont hate they don't judge you on how you look or what music you like or what activities you like that may not conform to your assigned sex at birth but this place can help unite people who feel the same and please have a good day. 

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