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I'm glad about find this page


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One day I was just watching the internet. I was looking for something about aromantism, because I was asking if I'm aro or not (still asking). And I found this page, I didn't know something like this exists and it's amazing. There is a lot of people like me (happy single people) who understand it, who don't say "You just need to meet a right person" and another bullsh*ts, which I often listen. 

For a lot of people somebody who doesn't want be in relationship, doesn't need sex and doesn't want to have family is strange, disappointed and can't be happy. They try to "cure" this person or found a partner for him/her. It's annoying.

Thanks for pages like this, like AVEN, like www.asexual.cz (our czech asexual page). Thanks to people who created them.😊🐱

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