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Just got into and out of a relationship


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Hey, long time no post. I recently got into and out of a relationship with a person I met online. I understand that the relationship was never that serious to begin with (it was online after all). But I honestly didn't care that we split ways. This girl was obsessed over me, she would write stories about me, paint things for me, and do everything for me. I did similar stuff for her as well, but it never felt like an obsession or really anything other than wanting to please someone else. And I still feel like I could be happy in a relationship but not love anyone. Anyways, I'm getting off topic. 

Long story very short, I split it off. This girl always promised me that she would come down to where I am located, but she never came through on that promise. It wasn't her fault, but it still sucked that I never saw her irl. You feel me? All this to say, I had a relationship but I never felt the same love that was given to me, and that is one more point for aromanticsm. Which makes me sad :(

There was no real point to this forum post, just to say "I had a relationship, and it didn't make me feel anything"

But, ya know, that could just be cuz it wasn't irl. Idk

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