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The amazing digital circus fandom


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Everyone who is a fan of amazing digital circus here

To become a member answer these questions 

Who is your fave character and why?

Least fave and why?

Do you ship anyone?

If so, who?

And why do you like it?

Anyways I am out

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I have been summoned. Anygays...

Tie between Jax, Gangle, and Kinger. Because Jax is sassy abd funny sometimes. Gangle is adorable (nut I'm not a simp). Kinger os just... a favorite for me. :)

My least favorite is .... Well I don't really have a least favorite. 

I ship no one. It just feels wrong.

I don't like any of the ships. But if someone else wanted to ship them, then whatever. Iglf it's queerplatonically or platonically or sonething like that, then I'm all for it. 

Favorite part of the pilot?

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