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What do I do???

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Okay I am an introverted person who likes to keep my circle small and likes having time to myself. 

tbh, I had that for like a week. Most of my friends are online and I care about them a ton! The problem is I have one to many people.

This person messages through out the day, all day. And I have even gone out of my way to get access to a video game because they wanted to play it with me.

I love getting to interact with them, I just feel a strong obligation and like I can’t define by boundaries with them. The way they act when I try to is understanding usually so I know it’s my fault for not being able to do that but I just always feel bad. 

anyone know how to set boundaries I have any advice? 

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Remember that boundaries are not about how other people treat you. They are about how you react to how others treat you.

If you struggle with boundaries in general, then there's a lot of books out there geared towards helping you practice respecting your own boundaries, like Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin, Where to Draw the Line, or When It's Never About You.

If it's just this person you struggle with boundaries, then it's worth exploring why. Doing some journaling on your interactions might help you figure this out.

Things you can do might be to set yourself a schedule for when you're up to interacting with them and then setting their contact to mute/DnD outside of those times so you're not seeing their messages and it's not on your mind.

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